I met Katja Tanskanen directly on LinkedIn while searching for people using the same hashtags I use and working in the music industry. She is very active on that platform, but also on Facebook. Katja is a Finnish songwriter and music marketer/producer and I asked her for an interview.
This is my first just written music business #groovinbiz talk, but I really like this way too.

You’ll find some interesting insights into how her business works, on what tools and platforms Katja counts on and where she thinks the music industry is moving to.

Have fun and feel free to leave your comment.

We met on LinkedIn, so I’m very interested in where do you see the biggest opportunity in this platform for yourself and for other Artists?

I think that my connections no matter where they are working, can be potential to help me or my artists and other songwriters. And all LinkedIn members can find new cooperators. We can never know what kind of help we will need in the future. And we can help each other to work better.

M: What is the main reason you decided to use LinkedIn for your own business communication?

K: Some music business people share more info on LinkedIn than for example on Facebook. Some interesting people are much more active on LinkedIn than anywhere else. Mostly I need those people who work in the music business, but I’m also very interested in some business actors in other areas/sectors. It’s very important for me to have a large perspective on everything around me.

M: For me, LinkedIn is like Facebook 7/8 years ago. Why do you think everyone should post lots of Music Content there?

K: For me Facebook has been very important and still is, because all singers, songwriters, radio editors, listeners, fans etc are there. On LinkedIn independent music content is not as popular as it’s on Facebook, but I think that all kinds of music will increase. All big record companies are well represented on LinkedIn but independent marketers, singers etc should be more interested in LinkedIn.

M: You are a Songwriter? Tell us a Little bit about your work and your life?

K: I have been a songwriter for over 20 years. And I have been a producer/marketer for about two years. Music is my whole life and lifestyle. I also make videos, talk with singers and help them in many ways. At this moment my marketing work takes lots of my time.

M: What inspires you when writing new Songs?

K: For me it’s the most important to get songs ready. I have so much work that I don’t have time to wait for any inspiration. 

I work with so talented people that they inspire me the most.

M: How did you start?

K: I have studied creative writing in university and songwriting with professionals. I wrote the book as a poetess before I started my work as a lyricist. Later I started to compose. I have sung and played the violin since my childhood.

M: What was your biggest success?

K: It depends what success means to us. My biggest successes are some great songs. But sometimes those great songs don’t get the biggest financial success.

I have got one gold record as a lyricist. My songs have lots of YouTube views. Radios play lots of my songs. But my biggest success is still waiting for me. Now I have such talented people helping me, for example composer/arranger Akis Melis from Greece, that my life is going to change.

M: Are you active on TikTok or do your artists use it to market their Music?

K: I’m not active on TikTok, because it’s mostly to artists and to younger people than me. My artists are not on TikTok, because it’s not their platform. But when I’m going to work more with young artists, it’s good for them.

M: Many songs are going viral through tiktok and I believe, this is a huge chance for independent artists. What do you think, where is the music industry going to in the next years?

K: I also think that TikTok is a huge chance for independent artists. The music industry is going to change fast. The competition is going to be hard. There are more and more different platforms. And I believe that big platforms are going to buy little platforms. There will be money to big sectors and some little actors are going to end their careers. But the strongest ones will just go on. This world situation is going to change many live music happenings and perhaps some music genres are going to suffer about that. Some people are going to lose their work, if they don’t find other ways to handle this situation.

M: What is the radio airplay situation for musicians in Finland and also in Sweden at the moment?

K: Radios in every country play mostly old hits or music from big labels. But if you make very good songs, radios also play independent singers/songs.

Here in Finland there are not many channels to independent artists. But I as a marketer have got my songs to those radios, which play independent songs and also sometimes to our biggest channel and to small and biggest channels in Sweden. But radios usually choose only very high quality songs. Those who work hard can get radio plays and those who don’t work, don’t get them. And no one is going to ask songs. You must send them to radios.

M: Do you have a good chance to get played as a new or not international artist?

K: Many channels in Finland and all over the world play international hits. I have got new Finnish and international singers to radios both in Finland and other countries. But it’s not easy.

M: How is the percentage of Finnish language music to English language music?

K: If you talk about radios, I have not asked their percentages. I have written mostly in Finnish, but in the future I’m going to write more in English. I’m not so interested in those percentages. I’m ready to change all the rules. But I’m very grateful to those radios which play new music from independent singers/songwriters. And usually those record company songs are great. So I’m not jealous, when radios play them. But of course English language songs give more possibilities to success. And the whole world plays songs in English.

M: Are there any things you really want to tell other artists/musicians as a good career advice?

K: The most important thing is to love music, work hard and listen to those who have lots of experience and success. Thank you very much for your interview!

Warm wishes, Katja

Katja Tanskanen