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Breakthrough Solutions for Musicians

How to build your fan base online, what possibilities and chances you must take care of these days and where you can earn money as a musician/artist in the new music business. 

As a musician you are very focused on creating awesome music, performing on the highest level and gaining the recognition for your work.
When it comes to business and you want to make a good living out of it or bring your career to the next level, you have often no idea where to start.

Times are getting harder and therefore you may need someone on your side, who has made it from scratch himself, eating lots of shit (and still does! 😉 ) on his own way and has the knowhow you need to boost your music career. 

Where to start?
  • get aware of your own brand and what makes you special
  • build an awesome audience on social media that loves your music, your style, your whole art. 
  • set up a business model that works for you to grow stable and start earning money
  • life streaming that works and brings your music to your fans
  • practical advice for contract and business negotiations
  • advice for all your legal company questions

BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTIONS for MUSICIANS - new music business advice and consulting, that supports your vision and goals.


Taking action.
Achieve your goals.
Make your Breakthrough as a Musician.

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Matt Peterko

What counts is what we do in present! But without the experience of what we have done in the past, we will never move forward and make better decisions! - Matt Peterko


Matt is a very good friend of mine and I know him since our music studies. He is the guy who never gave up and finds solutions for every problem. His experience not only in business but also in music can help musicians to combine these two issues and build their own music business.    

Stefan Obmann

Trombone Attraction, VBC, Soloist


Matt is a very knowledgeable and savvy businessman. He shares tips and advice with musicians, to help them reach their goals and ultimate potential. Matt and I have been in communication for some time now and he's been a great help, influence and mentor for me in regards to my business career. 
His tips and advice on how to market my music most effectively has helped me tramendously and broadened my reach quite a bit. If you are  a struggeling artist, look to him for great marketing and business tips!

Devin Sunshine

Music Producer

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