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... you want to get seen and heard in your market.

Step 1

... your business needs fresh 'out of the box thinking' solutions   

Step 1

... you need some kicks in the ass to move forward.  

Step 1

... also in your business is all about communication and relationship between people.  

Step 4

... positivity, fitness and health would have an enormous impact in your own life.  

Step 4

... you want to earn real freedom in your life, because it's so worthy.  

Step 4

What is the right strategy to gain success in business and life?
How to be happy and a good human being in the competitive business world?

I created all my business and private success on one easy and the only working formula - HELP others to get what they want.

This can also be your road to success. 

Where to start?

  • get the awareness for your own brand and what makes you special
  • build an awesome audience on digital and offline channels 
  • set up a business model that works for you to grow stable and create value 
  • start a healthy, strong and sustainable lifestyle 
  • get all the knowledge and experience for your legal company questions
  • find the right partners and employees for your team
  • Make an impact for a better world



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Here's what others say about 
Mats Mentoring

What counts is what we do in present! But without the experience of what we have done in the past, we will never move forward and make better decisions! - Mats


Mats is a very good friend of mine and I know him since our music studies. He is the guy who never gave up and finds solutions for every problem. His experience not only in business but also in music can help so many people get their visions and dreams come true. 

Stefan Obmann

Trombone Attraction, VBC, Soloist


Mats is a very knowledgeable and savvy businessman. He shares tips and advice with musicians, to help them reach their goals and ultimate potential. Mats and I have been in communication for some time now and he's been a great help, influence and mentor for me in regards to my business career. 
His tips and advice on how to market my music most effectively has helped me tramendously and broadened my reach quite a bit. If you are  a struggeling artist, look to him for great marketing and business tips!

Devin Sunshine

Music Producer

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